extremisttt (extremisttt) wrote in exercise_now,


I've never exercised regularly before-

What are the immediate and long term (and after what period of time) benefits you all have reaped from exercise??

I'm looking for a little motivation :)
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i agree with everything the above poster said, and i would like to add that when i was running regularly i went in for a check up and the nurse said my blood pressure was good. "really good!" as she put it, which is always a benefit, even though you may not think of it right away.

plus (another running related one) the satisfaction you feel when you've pushed yourself that extra half mile or whatever, and to see how far you've come. there are a lot of benefits. good luck!
short term - you pushed your body into doing something that it normally doesn't do. be proud of that

I also find that even just short workouts give me extra energy

this will be more noticeable after a couple of weeks.

you then notice your breathing becomes easier after exerting some effort and you recover faster after a workout

I also feel better emotionally - if I don't workout regularly, I get rather cranky - those endorphins really do come out and giver you a boost
I also try and make it into a game - I say I will exercise X number of minutes this week and then I push myself to beat it - or if I am on a particular machine I will go Y number of miles or burn Z number of calories (according to the doodads)

I find that it helps a lot to keep me motivated to reach those short term goals
wait, your asking what the benefits of exercise is?

how old are you? 5?