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Please help!

********Mods if this is agains the rules please feel free to delete, and I apologize before hand********

This is me right now!


I join a gym about a year and half ago and everything is been wonderful I have tone my body and I have been losing weight except for 5 lbs that I cannot get rid off to save my life. Is really dissaponting because I have work so hard and I have done all the cardio you can imagine.
run, power walk, ellipticals, the steppers and nothing works. I really want to lose those 5 lbs. I am 5ft 5" in height and I weight 140lbs.

So my question here is:

Does anybody now of a good workout or cardio routine that I should try? As far as health I am good so I can try pretty much anything, I am really, really desperate, please help me :(

thanks so much in advance
hppyflwr (not so happy right now)


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